How to verify my Primexbt Account? Do you need KYC for trading?

Information about KYC at Primexbt

As we all know Primexbt is a reputable online trading and trading platform, specializing in professionally providing traders with good trading conditions and opportunities using supported tools. We respect and uphold the need for the privacy of customer’s personal data as it is important to us.
It is important to note, however, that all Customers must comply with PrimeXBT’s Terms of Service and while also comply with local laws and regulations when using PrimeXBT services as the technological revolution has made cryptocurrency exchanges a “back yard” of financial criminals. To prevent these types of crimes, regulators are applying anti-money laundering (AML) laws on cryptocurrency exchanges. AML and KYC programs for user verification are expected to be effective tools to root out serious crimes in cryptocurrency transactions.

What is KYC? KYC or Know Your Customer means verifying your customer. This is the first KYC stage for client’s due diligence in AML processes. When a new user wants to register on the exchange, KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures are performed to accurately identify the customer’s information. This allows exchanges to assess the value of risk a client carries based on their suspicious financial activity.

Do I need to verify my Primexbt account?

You do not need to verify your account to use all the functions of Primexbt, however, PrimeXBT may impose trading or deposit and withdrawal limits on accounts until it completes KYC i.e. “Unverified” becomes “Verified”. Then all trading limits and withdrawal restrictions imposed will be lifted.

You need not to worry as the KYC process is very simple, PrimeXBT only requires users to provide some or all of the following documents:

  • Proof of identity(such as ID, Passport)
  • Proof of address(bill phone, bill water statement, bank statement)
  • Proof of funding(option)

KYC is a way of assessing risk from exchanges, helping to stabilize the market through increasing trust. The identity verification system helps exchanges know who their customers are and weed out criminals. Through KYC, exchanges can emphasize trustworthiness and build credibility with new users, so we hope customers complete KYC with us. If your don’t have primexbt account, you can register on this page: How to sign up a PrimeXBT account

How to verify Primexbt account

To verify primexbt account, you need to do the following steps: Verify your face through scanning with the webcam on your computer, laptop or the front camera of your smartphone. Next is to verify your identity with an Identity document (ID card/Passport/Proof of your place of residence/Driver’s license). With this step you are required to upload an ID photo with other requirements so that we can confirm that there is no need for further authentication of any fraud occurred during this process. Finally, send documents that can verify where you are residing within the past 3 months, these can be TV bills, electricity and water bills, bank statements with the address you live in, etc.

After completing this verification step, your account is already quite reliable!

To proceed with account verification, log in to your account and select the “Dashboard” item, go to the “Settings” section, then select the “Verify” button as shown below.

how to verify primexbt account

If you are using the application on Android or Ios you can go to the “profile” section and select as above.

how to verify my primexbt account

When starting to verify, a table will appear, please agree to the terms of condition to continue, we use a 3rd partner, Sumsub, to conduct the KYC process, this is one of the very reputable KYC services. credit from 2018 to present, making verification quick and simple automatically. After clicking the “Next” button, a table will appear as shown below.

how to verify your primexbt account

Please point the camera at your face please remove your glasses, hat or accessories, make sure the picture is clear, to take a selfie, read carefully and press “I’m ready” to take a photo if using a computer or laptop with cameras and webcams.

The text under “or continue on a phone” allows you to take pictures by phone, please copy the link or scan the qr code to proceed on the phone.

scan qr code to verify your primexbt account

During this step, a link and a qr code will appear as shown above, you can copy the link and paste it on your phone or laptop browser to allow camera access to record videos for the system to scan and store. You should rotate your head left and right up and down in a circular motion to fill the circle, or scan the QR code to open a link to scan the face.

After finishing this step on your computer or phone will have a table as shown below. This shows that you have completed the “Selfie” section, there are 2 more items, “Identity document” and “Proof of residence“. To proceed select “continue on this device“.

how to verify your primexbt account

During this step you will select the country you are in with the document id and proceed to select the type of document you currently have and click ‘Next’:

how to kyc primexbt account

Upload the document you have, be it on your computer or phone, choose a clear, unobstructed photo with your full name and age clearly written. Please take a photo of the passport as shown below in high quality format then press the “Next” button to take a photo of the document.

how to kyc primexbt account

If you choose ID card, take a picture of the front and back of the ID. If the document doesn’t match, take a photo again, change your phone device or replace it with other documents such as a new passport, ID card, or driver’s license

After completing the above step, proceed to the “Upload the document” section, choose an easy-to-read document with the latest number of days not exceeding 3 months from the date of sending the document, the accepted documents are: bank statement, electricity bills, water bills, internet bills, tax bills… Bank statements, Utility bills (The documents that you provide shouldn’t be older than 3 months), Internet/cable TV/house phone line bills, Tax returns, Council tax bills, Government-issued certifications of residence, etc.

how to kyc primexbt account by phone bill

You can upload on your phone or desktop

After selecting “Upload the document” to complete the download of the document, check the entire document again, and press the “Next” button.

how to kyc primexbt account

You will be redirected to a processing page, the process is automatic, please hold the screen and wait

kyc primexbt account

If successful, the system will notify “Verification Complete” congratulating you on completing the verification as shown below

kyc primexbt account

Now you can go to “Settings” to check your account status, the withdrawal limit of $20,000 usd has been removed, from now on you can freely deposit and withdraw, there is a “Persional information” feature where you can. turn on to hide your name and address information as shown below

how to verify primexbt account

Everything is very simple, isn’t it? Hopefully through the article you can verify your account yourself without any difficulty, Good luck!

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